Welcome to EI Productions

We are an event management, brand experiential and hospitality production business with the ability to provide 360° solutions across all areas of hospitality and entertainment.

I have worked with EI Productions assisting us to secure sponsorship partners for Mr & Mrs Smith. The entertainment and hospitality industries are littered with ‘chancers’, so their wealth of experience, contacts, high standards and ability to deliver are extremely rare and refreshing.

James Lohan,
Founder & CEO, Mr & Mrs Smith

We have been working with Jeremy and EI Productions since 2012.  The service that he and his team have provided is second to none and it feels as though they are our In-House production team. Every one of our events is different and personal, and they meet each challenge with the highest standards of professionalism and experience. There are no problems with Jeremy, only solutions! His wealth of knowledge is invaluable to me and it is a relationship that I value enormously.

Tissy Sievwright,
Commercial Manager, Guard’s Polo Club

‘Thank You’ doesn’t do justice for all your immense hard work that went into making Saturday such a truly special and memorable day for both Ems and myself. The attention to detail was staggering, and if I get a £1 for each time I heard “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to”, we’d come out flat on the day! I won’t prattle on, but we both very much look forward to taking you out to dinner towards the end of the summer”.

J&E Wedding