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We are an event management, brand experiential and hospitality production business with the ability to provide 360° solutions across all areas of hospitality and entertainment.

I have worked with EI Productions assisting us to secure sponsorship partners for Mr & Mrs Smith. The entertainment and hospitality industries are littered with ‘chancers’, so their wealth of experience, contacts, high standards and ability to deliver are extremely rare and refreshing.

James Lohan,
Founder & CEO, Mr & Mrs Smith

I know it was a challenging one with regards to a change in personnel, the weather and changes in suppliers – but the delivery was 100%. The spectators loved the offering and it was by far and away one of the best places to be on site – and all of this is really down to you and your expertise, experience, knowledge and insight. We would be lost without it – and I really do mean that.

Antonia Beggs,
General Manager – Partnerships UK, TGI Sport, Badminton Horse Trials Lakeside

“Couldn’t have been happier with EI Productions contribution”

P&V Wedding